Relations of freedom and ethic

What is freedom? One answer that is: freedom is lack of force. For exampel had said: X is free from Y to do or be Z. But what is ethic? That is values of rule on indiviqal and socity.

A question of very important in political philosopy is that: What kind of based on another? Is freedom based on ethic or ethic based on freedom?

I think that ethic based on freedom. In other words if there is not freedom there is not ethic and morality values and low and justic …

Freedom is the most important right for human. The imam Ali (a.s.): don’t be slave of other because Allah create you free.

I bileave the freedom helpe (aid) to the progres of ethic and there fore ethic appear in socity. But this idea needed to education, programing, action and aid of the people and partis, institutions and government.

Both of them, freedom and ethic, should be institutionalised in socity.

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