نوشته حاضر چکیده مقاله‌ای است در باب الگوهای نظام آزادی مطبوعات که پیش از این به همایش بررسی مسائل مطبوعات ارسال شده بود.

The basic question in present article is that what are  theories models of press freedom in Iran's contemporary history? These argue that there isnt any unammous approach about freedom of the press in Iran. Political and grouping situation, thogutht problems and needs of socity, influence the press freedom models in Iran. One of the reasons is that political parties and politicians, instead of formal law, have main role in lack of unitary model of freedom of the press.

In this paper we discuss three models freedom of the press. Those are authoritarian, libral and social responsibility models. I thinke the best model in Iran is social responsibility. In this article  we consider other models and argue the resons of priority  social responsibility.

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